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Renew your aadhaar rd service with our simple process. Recharge rd services annually, for all types of aadhaar device. 

Get your biometric fingerprint aadhaar device activated and software downloaded in just a few steps 

  • Activate Whitelisted Devices for AEPS, Jeevan Pramaan, PM Kisan, and More with our Whitelisting Services. 
  • Experience swift activation of services for Aadhaar print, Fino Bank, PNB Bank, and other authorized Institutions. 
  • Enjoy compatible services for AEPS, Jeevan Pramaan, PM Kisan and More with our register device activation service. Choose from a wide range of whitelisted devices and services including SSO Rajasthan, Instant Pay, and Easy Pay. 
  • Secure your Kyc and banking activities with trusted devices like Morpho, PB510, Startek, and More. Easily access RD services driver or software with a simple submit of your Aadhaar fingerprint device details.
  • Activate your device instantly in 5-15 minutes with our streamlined online RD service activation feature.

Streamline Aadhaar activation with our hassle-free online rd service. No more waiting with instant code and software. Get started now!"
Register MORPHO 1300, Mantra MFS100, Startek FM220, 3M Cogent CSD200, PB510, Secugen HU20 Pro
Online RD Service Instant Activation within 5-15mins.

Register Online RD Service

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Recharge RD Service

Please ensure that the entered serial number is correct. Payments made towards an incorrect serial number will not be refunded or transferred to a different serial number.


morpho rd service

Rs. 475

1 Year Validity

Activation within 5-15min

  • MSO1300 E2/MSO 1300 E3

  • RD Service Validity 1Year

  • Processing Fee

  • Instant Activation 5-15Mins

  • WhatsApp Helpline Support


mantra rd service 1year

Rs. 310

1 Year Validity

Activation within 5-15min

  • MFS100/MIS100V2/MFS110
  • RD Service Validity 1Year

  • Processing Fee

  • Instant Activation 5-15Mins

  • WhatsApp Helpline Support


Startek RD Service

Rs. 339

1 Year Validity

Activation within 5-15min

  • FM220U / FM220UL1

  • RD Service Validity 1Year

  • Processing Fee

  • Instant Activation 5-15Mins

  • WhatsApp Helpline Support



Secugen Rd Service

Rs. 175

1 Month Validity

Activation within 5-15min

    • SecuGen Hamster Pro20
    • RD Service Validity 1Month

    • Processing Fee

    • Activation Instant 5-15Mins

    • WhatsApp Helpline Support

Morpho RD Service

Morpho RD Service

Register online Morpho RD Service if your device show error "One Time Token (OTP) or Activation Code. Very simple process for activation fill up simple your details with serial number. 

In the registration form device photo attachment option for re-check the device serial number. Register Morpho RD simple Process & fast activation within 5-15mins.

As per UIDAI Circular No. HQ-13023/1/2020-Auth-1-HQ/2084 , dated 20.06.2022 , the RD services for MSO 1300E and MSO 1300E2 category devices (for Aadhaar enabled services) shall cease beyond 31.12.2022 or such other date, as may be notified by UIDAI, from time to time.

RD Service Registration

Morpho Device

  •  The biometric data captured from the device is encrypted on the host machine (Low security)
  • Morpho L0 Device Whitelisting required
  • Morpho L0 Device Registration required
  • Morpho L0 RD Service Renewal required
  • L0 Supported platform Windows, Android, POS
  •  The biometric data captured from the device is encrypted inside the biometric device itself. (High security) 
  • Morpho L1 Device Whitelisting required
  • Morpho L1 Device Registration required
  • Morpho L1 RD Service Renewal required
  • L1 Supported platform Windows, Android

Morpho E3

Buy RD Service

Morpho MSO1300 E3 Fingerprint Sensor Device. Register MORPHO RD SERVICE for Morpho MSO or Morpho CBM biometric device. MSO or CBM Inside Serial Number both are different, our team activates after reconfirmation of correct serial number.

Download Morpho RD Service Software

Go to Download and get Android and Windows RD Service Packages. Customers have to integrated MORPHO E3 RD Service with their business application- valid service for AEPS, Jeevan Pramaan  rd service ,PM Kisan rd service,Aadhaar Print, Fino Bank, PNB Bank, Emitra, Airtel Payment Bank, Spice Money, Digi Pay, SSO Rajeshthan, Instant Pay, Easy Pay, Pay Nearby, Aadhaar Print, KYC rd service, Banking, Ayushmaan Bharat, Nova Pay, SBI, etc.  get tested with the help of Online RD Service team. 

Morpho Error

Morpho RD Service "No Single Device Registered Yet" in Android Mobile. "Device Registration Failed" in PC Window. "Error Code 720" or Device is valid but not Whitelisted. Morpho RD service driver for Window installation support. If the Device again shows Error OTP or Activation Code. We communicate With OEM and resolve the issue. Registration Morpho1300 biometric device RDService with UIDAI.

Mantra Device

Mantra RD Service

Mantra RD Service

Register Mantra MFS100 L0 & MFS110 L1 device & Mantra MIS100V2 RD service.
MFS100, MFS110 is STQC, GOVT. OF INDIA certifed USB Fingerprint scanner equivalent to FBI PIV certification. 
MFS100 L0 & MIS110 is suitable fingerprint scanner for all Aadhaar project for Uidai(uid) project of Govt. of India

Mantra Driver Download

Mantra Driver Download

Go to Download for Mantra MFS100, MFS110 and Mantra MIS100V2 latest Driver  for PC Window. 

Mantra MFS100 L0 Device latest version available.

Mantra MFS110 L1 device latest version driver is different.

Mantra MIS100 latest RD service driver.

Mantra RDservice

Mantra Error 1001

Mantra Error 1001 means Permission Denied or RD Service Expired. Fill Up RD service form for renewal Mantra RD service. After Renew/Recharge remove device from PC/Mobile and Plug In again or Reinstall Driver again then restart PC/Mobile. 

Mobile Application Error -215

PC Driver Error 1001 means RD service Expired. For renewal/recharge RD service fill up details in Online RD Service form:

Mantra Recharge

Recharge mantra RD Service

Renew Mantra MFS100, MFS110 & Iris Scanner RD Service Instant Activation with in 15mins, 7Days activation or renewal. Mantra RDS enables biometric-based aadhaar scanner authentication with the registered device concept implemented by UIDAI.

Mantra RD Service Download

Go to page Download for the latest rd service software. Mantra Latest RD Service PC Software or Android Mobile application fast download. Latest RD Service software and application support commercial use Airtel Bank, Fino Bank, PM Kisan Website, Spice Money, Digi Pay, Ayush Bharat, Jeewan Parman Patra Life Certificate, etc. If any issue or Error Code contact our support team.

Startek FM220U

Startek Device

Renew Startek RD Service Instant Activation with in 15mins, 7Days activation or renewal. Startek FM220U, FM220UL1 RD service enables biometric-based aadhaar scanner authentication with the registered device concept implemented by UIDAI. ACPL device FM220U/FM220UL1 is eligible to make financial transactions under AEPS, eKyc, e Sharam Registration, Jeewan Parman, and Spice Money. We provide fast & lateat version RDservice mannual, application & PC driver download. Software Installation online RD service helpdesk support. Startek RD Service Activation time 5-15mins.

Startek FM220U

Startek RD Service

Registered FM220 Fingerprint scanner RD service. ACPL FM220U fingerprint scanner used for AADHAR-related applications.Startek FM220 is used for payment transactions like Airtel payment, Fino Bank, Jeevanparman Patera, Time & Attendance, Access Control, etc.
FM220U is a suitable fingerprint scanner for all Aadhaar applications for UIDAI(UID) authentication. Startek FM220U Fingerprint scanner can be used RD Service. Pay for extended RDService validity, and fill up details in the RD Service Registration form as per selected services.

Startek FM220U L0

FM220U is a suitable fingerprint scanner for all Aadhaar applications for Uidai(uid) authentication. Startek FM220U Fingerprint scanner can be used RD Service. Pay for extended RDService validity, and fill up details in the RD Service Registration form as per selected services.

Startek FM220UL1

Startek FM220UL1 fingerprintreader STQC certified. Fm220UL1 suitably protected against dust and water ingress, IP54 rating.Connectivity USB (Type-C, Micro USB, Type-A). Supported Platform Windows, Android and Linux.

Startek RD Error

Download Startek Device Error Code list. As per UIDAI  error code discription, reason, level and remark for resolving issue. Error "1001" means RD Service expired, for renewal fill up details in Form. Error "2100" Means hardware issue contact our WhatsApp customer care - 9213171171

FM220 Startek Driver

Startek FM220U latest RD service PC software or Android mobile application fast download. Startek RD service driver is required to use device with AADHAAR authentication.        

SecuGen Device

Secugen Device

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 STQC certified fingerprint reader with best-in-class features, for Aadhaar based application. Secugen device HU20 feturing a IP65 rated dust and water resistant device. Hamster Pro 20 is built with industry's must rugged and advance optical sensor using patented finger print technology.

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20

RD Service Validity 

New RD Validity 1/3/6 Month or 1Year.

Secugen rd service

Secugen RD Service

Register Secugen fingerprint reader device RDservice. RD service release with updated UIDAI production certificate. Instant activation on management server. Secugen RD Service validity 1/3/6/12 Month. Foreign purchage device RD service activation process is manually.

Download Secugen Driver

Secugen Driver

Download SecuGen latest rd driver suppoerted for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 with SP1.After RD service renewal, reinstall Secugen device driver. Unplug and plug device to your PC. Download and install the following steps.

Secugen NRI RD Service

Secugen NRI RD

Secugen HU Pro20 RD SERVICE for Foreign Purchased. If you have purchased a device outside India, required Secugen Pro20 RD Service activation for Jeevanpramaan. Its manually registration process taking 2-3 working days.

Precision Device

Precision Fingerprint Scanner

Precision PB510

Precision PB510

The PB510 - The STQC Certified USB Fingerprint Reader for Enhanced Security. Say goodbye to complicated logins - PB510 scans your fingerprint instantly. Advanced technology meets convenience - the PB510 USB Fingerprint Reader. Protect your data with the PB510 - the trusted choice for enterprise applications.

Simplify security with the PB510 USB Fingerprint Reader - designed for ease of use.

Download PB510 RD Service

PB510 RD Service

PB510 RD service - your go-to solution for capturing fingerprints as per UIDAI guidelines. STQC certified and compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux, it's the perfect choice for any device. Get your Precision PB510 Scanner RD Service Software now! 

Irishield Device

Iritech MK2120UL

Iritech MK2120U

Discover the Iritech MK2120UL - STQC certified with USB hardware port and multi-OS compatibility (Android/Windows/WinCE/Linux/Mac/Non-OS). Lightweight, compact, and cost-effective with power management functions.

Check out the Iritech MK2120UL- the ideal scanning solution for STQC certification, USB support. Lightweight and cost-efficient, with power-saving capabilities.

Iritech rd service

Iritech RD Service

Simplify IRIS device registration with our management server for UIDAI using IriShield MK2120ULRD.

download iritech driver

Download Iritech Driver

Secure your device with our MK2120UL driver download - protect your privacy now!

RD Service Recharge

Recharge Your Fingerprint Scanner with Online RD Services. Streamline Your Device with Morpho, Mantra, and More RD Services. Elevate Your Device Performance with Instant Activation RD Services. Unlock the Power of L0 and L1 Devices with RD Service.

 Effortlessly Recharge Your RD Service Now

As per UIDAI circular older L0 type of devices will stop working from 1 July 2024.
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