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Startek FM200 Device can be used using RDService. Order for extending Startek RD Service, you have to pay the amount as per your selected validity period. Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner used for Digital signature certificate, Aadhar, Apna CSC, NDLM, Digi Locker, Jeevan Parmaan, CSC, etc. Renew Startek online RD service for 1 Year or Lifetime validity, Instant Activation.

Startek FM220 issued for Aadhar authentication, These scanners are compliant with low image distortion. It is plug and play device which clients have to test before using it with other software. STQC Certified Single Finger Print Scanner.

Startek FM220 RDService biometric devices for Aadhaar authentication are mandatory to be registered with UIDAI w.e.f. 01-Oct-17.

A registered aadhaar fingerprint device addresses the solution to eliminate the use of stored biometrics. It provides three key additional features compared to public devices:

  • Device identification – every device has a unique identifier allowing traceability, analytics, and fraud management.
  • Eliminating the use of stored biometrics – Bio-metric data is a sign within the device using the provided key to ensure it indeed captures live. Then the Device Registration of the fingerprint reader provider must form the encrypted PID block, before returning to the host application.
  • A standard RDService provided by the device providers that are certified

Startek RD Service Download

Startek Driver Download

Startek RD Service Driver

Download Startek FM220U RD Service Software/ Driver from  DOWNLOAD PAGE.

 Click Here for Download (Jan 2023 Updated)

Windows Certified RD service (STARTEK FM220U) 

  →  Click Zip File 

SetupFM220_RD_Ver1.0.4   - RUN Setup File

Startek FM220 RD Service Driver Ver.1.0.4 - (Installation Process - First Software)

RD Service Driver

Startek RD Service Driver Download Ver.1.0.4

Download Startek FM220 RD Service latest software or driver Ver.1.0.4

After Download Right Click on Zip File Icon

Open Zip File

Setup FM220_RD_Ver1.0.4
Startek driver

Open Zip File Folder   

Right Click on 


Run as administrator

acpl rd service

ACPL FM220 RDService

Run Setup.exe File - By Admin Rights

Display Like  Show msg :

Welcome to the ACPL FM220 RDService Setup Wizard

Read WARNING Msg Also Carefully or if any error 

Then Press 


startek RDService

FM220 RDService Installation

Next Screen need to check below point:

1) Installation folder for Software or Driver: 

Default -> No need Change 

Browse :  Choose any folder in Your PC or other drive path

2)Check Software Access By User :

Default : Everyone 

Just Me : Only for Admin Account user or whos is Installing 

Then press 


fm220 rd service

   Next Screen    

 For Continious - Confirm Installation

Startek RD Service  

Dont Click  - > Cancle - > Back

Just Click -> NEXT


Next Screen

FM220 registered device setup


Software Installation Process Is Normal

Dont Click -> Cancle -> Back



fm220 rd

Next Screen

Installing ACPL FM220 RDService

You need to wait until screen show NEXT Button  Highlight

Dont Click Cancle Button

startek rd

Startek RD Service for PC 

Next Screen

Installing ACPL FM220 RDService

being Installing process 

Wait Until Completion Process

Dont click on CANCLE

rd service startek

FM220 RD Service Installation

Next Screen

ACPL FM220 RDService

Installation Complete

If its not show any ERROR  


Click CLOSE 

STARTEK RD SERVIC software has been successfully installed

Shut down window

FM220 Support Driver - ( Installation Process - Second Software)

FM220 Support Setup

startek support tool

Download Startek RD Service Support Setup


Startek Software

FM220 RD Service Driver

RD Service Driver Installation.

RD Driver

Fm220 RD Driver 

RD Service Installation Process 

RD Service Setup

FM220U RD Service Driver 

RD Service Supporting Driver 

Startek RD Application

ACPL FM220 Support Tools Installation Process

RD Software

Startek Rd Software Support Tool INstallation Complete.

FM220 Software

FM220 Installer

Device Software Support Driver

Window RD Driver

RD Service Software File

Copy in Programming File 

FM220U Support Tool

RD Service Completion 

Startek RD Service Support Tool Installation Complete.

Shut Down
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