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Mantra IRIS RD Service

Mantra MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner is a powerful and robust iris scanner, utilized in multiple use in projests authentication to access desktop or network security. Mantra MIS100V2 IRIS Scanner can be utilized widely for identity applications like Aadhaar Authentication, Banking Applications and Access Control Applications, eKyc, Jeevan Pramaan, Time and attendance, Skill Development, Health and Medical, NREGA, Public application etc. MIS100V2 quality algorithm can efficiently identify poor IRIS images that can be adjusted smoothly based on inbuilt LED indications. Mantra MIS100V2 STQC certified iris sensor is comprised of high Resolution CMOS Sensor that creates quality ISO/IEC 19794-6 Images with JPEG2000 compression. Mantra MIS100V2 proprietary distance sensing and focus analysis technology gives fast auto capture capabilities.


This product has been tested on the following platforms and below MIS100V2 Driver Setup. 

Platform Supports 

1) Windows 8 (64 bit & 32 bit) 

2) Windows 10 (64 bit & 32 bit) 


1) MIS100V2 Driver Setup or higher

Note: MIS100V2 Driver setup will install below setups as prerequisites.

 A) VC++ 2008 Redist (64 bit & 32 bit) 

B) VC++ 2013 Redist (32 bit) 

C) VC++ 2015 Redist (32 bit) 

D) Dot Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher 

(Note: It will be required for Windows 7 only. for Windows 8 or higher, Dot Net Framework 4.5.2 or higher version will be included with OS. You may only require enabling features if not available) 

IRIS RD Service Upgrades

There are two processes to upgrade MIS100V2 RD Service Version 1.0.3 to 1.0.4.

1) Manual Upgrade Process 

You can download MIS100V2 RD service setup version 1.0.4 from our Portal

2) Auto upgrade process from Management Server 

» Management Server will have facility to upgrade MIS100V2 RD Service 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 (Latest Version) remotely over the air. 

» On every restart, RD Service will check latest version available on Management Server, and Management Server will provide upgraded packages to RD Service.

 New Features

Below two UIDAI Public keys are updated. 

 Production Environment - UIDAI Public Certificate, Expiry - 23-09-2025 

 Pre-Production Environment - UIDAI Public Certificate, Expiry - 29-09-2025

Mantra IRIS Driver

Mantra IRIS RD Driver

Download Mantra IRIS RD Driver

Download Mantra MIS100V2 RD Service Driver

 Download Page

Click on Link for Download Latest Driver 

Recharge Mantra Iris RD Service


Mantra IRIS Driver Window Installation

Renew Iris RD Service

Mantra MIS100V2 Scanner Driver Installation Setup

Right click on setup file and select “Run as administrator”.

     Start Installation           

Mantra iris Rdservice

Window User Control Security permission Window 

Start UP IRIS RD Service Driver Setup 

Click On YES  for Setup  Startup 

MANTRA MIS100v2 Registeration

 Mantra RD Service Setup Run

Click Run 

Mantra Iris Driver Setup

IRIS Scanner RD Service

 MANTRA MIS100V2 RD Driver  

Show Default Installation Software File path

If You need required change installtion path  Click  on Browse... and choose Destination folder/File

Click On NEXT

IRIS RDService Payment

MIS 100V2 RD Service Driver Path Show

Next Show - Destination Location  Show for RD Service -  Default/Choose 

Example : c:\Program File\Mantra\RDService\MIS100V2

Click on Install  for Next Step

IRIS Online RD Service

 Running MIS100V2 Scanner RD Service Installation               

Wait Installation Processing MIS100V2 Scanner RD Service Driver In Computer.

Wait Up to Complet 100%

Register Mantra Iris

RD Service Driver Installation

Computer Window OS Showing Some DOS Base Screen (Core Installtion File).

Wait Until its Automatic Close

Register IRIS Scanner RD Service

Mantra MIS100V2 Driver Setup

Finally Mantra MIS100V2 Device Installation Finish. 

Click at FINISH

MIS100V2 RD Service

MIS100V2 RD Service

After installation of MIS100V2 RD Service MANTRA REGISTERED DEVICE SERVICE API 1.0 Finish RD Service Installation: RD Service, it can be found under System tray. 

MIS100v2 Registered Device

»When RD Service will detect public device then it will convert it into Registered Device and user will be notofication again  success response by RD Service.

» After that you need to Replugin your Iris Device.

Renew Mantra Iris RD Service


MANTRA Error 215

Register Mantra IRIS On Managenment Server

If Your Device RD Service is Expired at Mantra Management Server, Then This Screen Display at Screen.

Our WhatsApp helpline No: 9213 171 171

Register Mantra IRIS Scanner  RD Service

Mantra AVDM

Once fillup RD Service Registration Form, MIS100v2 device Re-plugin to the system. Mantra RD Service Detect Automatically, and validate it on Mantra Management Server.

Once validation competed then it will generate below popup for user information. Means Its successfully Active

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